07901 . . . We Are One!



The mission of Shaping Summit Together is to maximize Summit's potential as a mature diverse suburban community.

Our goal is to facilitate efforts to ensure that Summit continues to work together to shape its future.

Our content scope includes character, values and service; social and cultural literacy; and prevention and intervention of substance abuse.


Shaping Summit Together has been a grassroots organization working since 1995 to implement the strategic plan developed by its members to address issues critical to Summit's future. The 1 and 1/2 year planning process was co-sponsored by the City of Summit and Overlook Hospital. Once the plan was developed, it was agreed that the plan's implementation should be done by an organization independent of the City and Overlook Hospital. And so it was that Shaping Summit Together (formerly Summit 2005) was born. We were incorporated as a New Jersey not for profit corporation on August 29, 1996, and have been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) not for profit exempt from Federal taxes.

In 2008, Shaping Summit Together merged with The Summit Municipal Alliance to Prevent and End Substance Abuse. Through this merger, Shaping Summit Together has added the content scope of prevention and intervention of substance abuse as a collaborative effort by multiple agencies, not-for-profit and volunteer groups.


Shaping Summit Together is a totally volunteer driven organization. There is no paid staff and all activities are developed, overseen and administered by volunteers. The activities of the organization are overseen by a Board of Directors.