07901 . . . We Are One!

Welcome to Shaping Summit Together

Who or what is Shaping Summit Together?

The “Who’s” AND the “What’s” are Shaping Summit Together! We are an association of organizations and individuals volunteering to help Summit reach its full potential as a mature, diverse suburban community. What does that mean? It means that we work together to shape our future around some shared values.

Do we have shared values?

YES. We believe in the positive effects of community service, social and cultural literacy, and inclusion in our community. We are committed to quality of life in Summit whether that is experienced at home, at school, and/or in the community. In 2008 we merged with the Summit Municipal Alliance to Prevent and End Substance Abuse. This merger enabled us to bring what we do best to the aspiration of prevention and intervention of, and ongoing recovery from, substance abuse.

How are we shaping Summit?

We accomplish our goals through the power of team-building, talent matching and perspective sharing. When all of these ingredients are brought to bear for community topics of importance, we can identify and work towards workable solutions.

How can you be part of what we do?

You can volunteer your time to participate in our awareness events that foster dialogue and commitment to community service, inclusion and safety from the harmful affects of substances. They are:

  • The Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
  • The One Book One Community Program
  • The Annual Red Ribbon Celebration

You can also apply your time at any of the various agencies and groups who share these values. Check out our LINKS.