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Red Ribbon Awareness Program

The new Red Ribbon poster, developed by Summit’s own Yellow Advertising & Design uses color and line to suggest energy, movement, and affirmation. The banner headline, “Honor the Call,” refers to the legacy of Enrique “Kiki” Cammerena, a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent, who died in the line of duty against the drug trade. Red Ribbon programs take place around the country to honor Kiki and others who have given their lives to fight drugs and violence. The final call to action, “Celebrate Life!” reminds viewers of the life-affirming benefits of making positive choices.

The Annual Red Ribbon Awareness program – launched in October and reinforced throughout the year – is a community-wide program to raise awareness among youth and families about the harmful effects of substance abuse and bullying.

Each Summit public school, the Summit Police Department and each community agency organizes and implements programs to enable young people to assert themselves against substance abuse and bullying. In Summit, the Girl Scouts hang red ribbons on trees to raise awareness of the campaign's annual launch. The Rotary Club of Summit and New Providence sponsors the Annual 5th grade Poster Contest and 7th grade Essay Contest. Winners are invited to a special luncheon with their families and community leaders who affirm their leadership roles in influencing positive messages to resist substance abuse and bullying. There are many other events, programs and discussions which are held to demonstrate the power of a collaborative effort to affirm a positive path to living a healthy, safe and drug-life life! It takes the parent, the child, the school and community to achieve positive outcomes!

Red Ribbon has a message for everyone. Those who are currently substance-free deserve positive reinforcement and encouragement. People who are fighting a dependency need the support and encouragement of friends, family, community, and health professionals. “Every one, in every situation, should find affirmation in our Red Ribbon Awareness program.”

Click here for our 2011 program flyer